soil blocker 5×5


The 5×5 is the most versatile of our blockers. It produces 4 5x5cm blocks at a time. 
Made from anti-rust, powder-coated steel for many years of use. €26



Weight: 0.70kg


A soil block is it pretty much what the name implies. A block made out of lightly compressed potting soil. It serves as both the container and the growing medium for a transplant seedling. The blocks are composed entirely of potting soil and have no walls as such. Because they are pressed out by a form rather than filled into a form, air spaces provide the walls. Instead of the roots circling as they do upon reaching the wall of a container, they fill the block to the edges and wait.
The air spaces between the blocks and the slight wall glazing caused by the block form keep the roots from growing from one block to another. The edge roots remain poised for rapid outward growth.  When transplanted to the field/garden the seedling quickly becomes established.

“It is always satisfying to find a technique that is simpler, more effective and less expensive than before”



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